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Stephen Finch – Played by Henry Ian Cusick

*Former Lost star Henry Ian Cusick will not be returning for the second season of ABC’s Scandal.The actor and showrunner Shonda Rhimes came to the mutual decision for him not to come back for the second year of the D.C.-set political fixer drama, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively. Rhimes and Cusick’s parting was described as an amicable split.

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You want Stephen Finch in your corner not only because he’s a brilliant defense attorney and a loyal fighter. You want him there because he’s compassionate and committed to fairness. And even though he may not dwell on the highest moral ground in his personal life and he’s certainly not afraid to seduce his way to a key piece of evidence, Stephen is a good guy. The guy you turn to in a crisis. The guy who can help lead you towards who you need to be. That’s a rare skill and it will serve the clients of the firm well. And it’s a skill that Olivia will rely upon heavily as her own scandal comes to light.



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