David Rosen, Assistant US Attorney

Played by Joshua Malina

Image credit: ABC.com

Character Bio (courtesy of ABC.com)

David Rosen, the Assistant US Attorney, works very hard to make sure that Olivia Pope and Associates constantly and continuously wear the white hats like they claim they do. He might be a thorn in their sides sometimes, but he’s a thorn they need—and when the crap hits the fan, he’s normally the first person Olivia calls and asks for a washcloth.

Additional Character Bio (written by abcSCANDALfans)

Joshua Malina, plays David Rosen, the US Attorney in Washington, DC. He wears the “white hat”, but its debatable whose “white hat” is bigger – David’s or Olivia’s? I feel I must also give Mr. Malina credit for coining my new favorite phrase – #PopeIsDope – and don’t you forget it!



Actor Bio (courtesy of ABC.com)

After graduating from Yale University with a BA in theatre, Joshua Malina made his professional acting debut in the Broadway production of Aaron Sorkin’s A Few Good Men. He went on to star as Jeremy Goodwin in the critically acclaimed television series Sports Night, and later co-starred as Will Bailey in Sorkin’s multi-Emmy-winning The West Wing. Other Sorkin credits include the features The Amercian President and Malice.

Elsewhere in film, Malina appeared in the comedy A View from the Top, with Gwyneth Paltrow and Mike Meyers, In the Line of Fire, opposite Clint Eastwood, and Bulworth, with Warren Beatty and Halle Berry. A co-creator and executive producer of the hit show Celebrity Poker Showdown on Bravo, Malina is also the writer-creator of the Crackle webseries Backwash. For three seasons he played the role of Peter Alpert on the USA series In Plain Sight, and he can be seen in the upcoming films Kings of Badassdom and The First Time.



Who Am I? – Josh Malina (courtesy of KerryWashington.com)

“Who Am I?” is an acting tool that Kerry Washington uses during the creative process of developing a character by using this list of questions as a way of discovering new things about the character. Washington has asked fellow actors to answer the same questions as a fun way for us to learn more about them!

For more information on Joshua Malina

Official Facebook fan page: Joshua Malina

Official Twitter Profile: @JoshMalina


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