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SCANDAL Pace (S2 News): TV Line dubs Jeff Perry ‘Performer of the Week’

February 9, has added a new weekly feature in which they select a series’ actor for their shining star performance dubbed ‘Performer of the Week’.  This week’s selection is ABC’s Scandal’s Jeff Perry who plays White House Chief of Staff, Cyrus Beene.

Performer of the Week: Jeff Perry (Week of February 4, 2013) (courtesy of TV Line)

scandal_0207_cyrusTHE PERFORMER | Jeff Perry

THE SHOW | Scandal (ABC)

THE EPISODE | “Nobody Likes Babies”

THE AIRDATE | February 7, 2013

THE PERFORMANCE | It was the roar of a political lion as much as it was a confession. Having worked so hard to cover his tracks, yet compelled to lie not once more to the husband who loves him, chief of staff Cyrus Rutherford Beene bared all after having bared all: “I stole… the White House!”

The way those five words came out of his mouth were half-eruption, half-escape. Mostly pride, but maybe for the first time laced with shame. As James began to process the truth he feared confirmed, Cyrus sat down, no longer able to stand quite as tall. “I wasn’t made to be chief of staff… I was made to be the President of the United States. I was made to lead the nation,” he started his defense. “I would have been great at that! I have stones, I have the backbone, I have the will.” And we, having seen all that Cyrus is capable of (RIP, Amanda), can attest to that. However: “I’m fairly short, and I’m not so pretty,” he acknowledged. “And I really like having sex with men.”

As such, Cyrus settled to “be the guy behind the President of the United States,” where his work will never get his name on a library but instead earn him a nice, “respectful” life and a gig at the Ivy League school of his choice. “Fitzgerald Grant was my shot” to breathe “the rarest of air,” Cyrus explained, his eyes wetting as his mind raced up and down the path he took, the sordid steps taken, “and when your shot comes, you either take it or you lose. And I already lost enough…. I took my shot.”

And given the thrilling TV ride that ensued, we’re glad he did. (Rewatch the scene here at Hulu, starting at the 15:14 mark.)

SCANDAL Pace (S2 News): GLADIATORS & ABC’s Scandal Rule Twitter Thursdays

February 9, 2013 — Since season 1 of ABC’s Scandal, cast members and fans known as GLADIATORS have participated with Live Tweet sessions each Thursday night during the East and West Coast airings of the hit show.  Now midway through the sophomore season, the GLADIATOR Tweet Parties have only gotten bigger!

The Hollywood Reporter’s Lesley Goldberg reports on the #AskScandal Tweetland phenomenon on Thursday nights and the 2,200 tweets per minute the Gladiators are sending!

How ABC’s ‘Scandal’ Gets 2,200 Tweets Per Minute
The stars of Shonda Rhimes’ drama, including Kerry Washington, help generate five trending topics as episodes air — and ratings are up this season.

ABC’s Scandal is experiencing a sophomore growth spurt — and Twitter might be the reason.

Shonda Rhimes’ drama, starring Kerry Washington as a D.C. political fixer, has taken over the social media platform every Thursday this season, with the Jan. 31 episode generating more than 2,200 tweets a minute and five worldwide trending topics. The entire cast has contributed to the effort, live-tweeting during episodes using the #AskScandal hashtag and generating such story-driven tags as #WhoShotFitz and #WhatTheHuck.

“Everybody is super-involved and willing to do whatever it takes to make this show work,” Rhimes tells THR. “People heard about the show from other people — Oprah Winfrey heard about it from Twitter — and that got other people watching. That really helped us.”

The strategy is working: Original episodes of Scandal are averaging a 3.1 rating this season, up 19 percent in the key adults 18-to-49 demographic, en route to overtaking CBS’ Elementary at 10 p.m. Thursdays. And the trajectory is upward: The Jan. 31 episode delivered its best retention of lead-in Grey’s Anatomy to date, holding 96 percent in the 18-to-49 metric as it threatens to surpass Rhimes’ longtime ratings champ.

ABC, meanwhile, has fully embraced the Twitter strategy, promoting the #AskScandal phenomenon into its on-air promos (below) for the drama. Click here to view the on-air promo video.


SCANDAL Pace (S2 Previews): ABC releases new ‘Forbidden Love’ Promo

February 4, 2013 — ABC releases a ‘Scandal’ music-video-type promo in anticipation of Thursday’s all new episode “Nobody Likes Babies”.

ABC’s Scandal airs Thursdays at 10/9c! Be sure to check your local listings.