“Sweet Baby” – Pilot

“You look like a baby lawyer” – Quinn to Harrison

“I’m a Gladiator, in a suit” – Harrison to Quinn

“Do what you do” – Stephen to Liv

“Your spidey-sense isn’t evidence” – David to Olivia

“Hi, hello, how are you, WHAT?” – Liv to Cyrus

“I don’t work for him anymore.” – Liv to Cyrus

“He wants the favor. He wants my services. I do not work for him anymore. So you tell the President of the United States to make time.” – Liv to Cyrus

“You’ve known me a long time. Longer than most. You know I did not fall for some young girl. You know there’s only one person I love.” – Fitz to Liv

“I’ll handle it. Consider it handled.” – Liv to Cyrus & Fitz

“I’ve never left your side.” – Liv to Fitz

“Amanda it would be a mistake to think there would be no consequences to you telling lies about the president.  (Amanda – “How do you know my name? Who are you?) My name is Olivia Pope and I wanna be clear I’m not here in any official capacity. I’m only here to warn you because you should know what could happen. It could become hard for you to find employment. You’re face would be everywhere.  People would associate you with a sex scandal. All kinds of information about you would easily become available to the press. For example you’ve had 22 sexual partners that we know of, also there’s that ugly bout of gonorrhea. And your family – your mother’s mental illness, a psychotic break, two years at Bedford Hospital, I bet that’s private. She runs a daycare now right?” (Amanda – “He told me he loved me. He gave me this dog.”) “See it’s those kind of lives that could hurt you if you said them to other people, people not as nice as me. I’ll give you some free advice. Hand in your resignation. Pack up your dog and your things and get in your car and go. Find a small city – Minneapolis maybe or Denver. Get a little job. Meet a boring boy. Make some friends because in this town your career is over. You’re done. (Amanda – “Why are you doing this to me? I’m a good person.”) You know who else was a good person? Monica Lewinsky and she was telling the truth and she still got destroyed.” – Olivia to Amanda

“It’s handled” – Olivia


“My white hat’s bigger than your white hat” – Olivia to David

“And how we would come and call her ‘sweet baby'” – Quinn to Olivia

“Livi – I. LOVE. YOU.

“I believed you. You clouded my judgement. You made me mistrust my gut because I wanted to believe you. I destroyed that girl. She tried to kill herself.” – Liv to Fitz

“You didn’t know. He tells you everything.” – Liv to Cyrus

“Who you love shouldn’t be a secret. Who you love shouldn’t have to be a secret.” – Olivia to Sully St. James

“Olivia Pope isn’t one of the good guys. She’s the BEST guy.” – Harrison to Quinn

“Dirty Little Secrets” – Episode 2

“It’s a dirty little secret and dirty little secrets always come out.” – Olivia to Cyrus

“Don’t Clinton me with words” – Cyrus to Fitz

“All cylinders people! Let’s go.” – Olivia

“But Liv, is the love of my life. And she won’t even talk to me.” – Fitz to Cyrus

“Hell Hath No Fury” – Episode 3

“We do. not. give. up.” – Olivia

“You’re weird. Weird is good.” – Huck to Quinn

“Don’t look at me.”  – Liv to Fitz

“You needed to see her. I trust tonight, you’ll sleep like a baby.” – Mellie to Fitz

“I’m pregnant” – Amanda to Olivia

“Enemy of the State” – Episode 4

“I just need one minute” – Olivia to Huck

“I got this” – Huck

“I would gladly follow you Over A Cliff, but you gotta show up” – Abby to Olivia

“Crash and Burn” – Episode 5

“Peel you like a grape” – Huck to Charlie

“The Trail” – Episode 6

“Your marriage. It looks like you don’t screw your wife, which would be fine, except family values matter to republicans. It’s why they vote for who they vote for, and since Sally’s got Jesus firmly on her side that just leaves family. Marriage. And your’s, whatever the truth may be, from the outside it looks cold. Distant. Dead. Where is your wife by the way? People want to like who they’re voting for. Voters thought Al Gore was a big stiff until he stuck his tongue down Tipper’s throat. They put George W. in office because he and Laura seem like a fun couple to have a beer with. People have to want to invite you in for dinner, but right now you and your wife are standing in their doorway, three feet apart , not looking at each other, letting in the cold air.  That’s why you lost Iowa. It’s why you’ll lose New Hampshire.” – Olivia to Governor Grant

“Let’s be clear about something, I run a sausage factory” – Cyrus to Fitz

“The nitty-gritty, morally bankrupt, back-alley brawling rest of the game, that’s me. Its filthy and thankless and it’s my hallelujah heroine and reason to breathe.” – Cyrus to Fitz

“I would eat, breathe and live Fitzgerald Grant every minute of everyday. You would be lucky to have me.” – Liv to Fitz

“You’re right, I would be lucky to have you” – Fitz to Liv

“Put down the butter” – Olivia to Abby

“Maybe I’ll buy a gun” – Abby

“That is a big ‘ol pile o’ dung Billy Chambers and you know it” – Sally Langston to Billy

“I think you underestimate how good a politician I am” – Fitz to Liv

“I always have cards left to play” – Olivia to Billy

“I am a man in love, with an incredible woman.” – Fitz

“If they look like weapons, they’re hard to keep secret.” – Liv to Fitz

“I’m running for president. I’m married. I can’t.” – Fitz to Liv

“Just stand here with me for one minute. Let’s not go back in there or talk or think or…  For one minute we just stand here I’m not the candidate and you’re not the campaign fixer, we’re just us. One minute for just one minute…just…stand here” – Liv to Fitz

“One minute” – Liv to Fitz

“You can’t nail Sally Langston on morality.  Sally found God Cyrus. When you find God, all is forgiven. That’s kind of the point.” – Olivia to Cyrus

“I think that oughta take care of it, don’t you?” – Mellie to Fitz

“Why didn’t I meet you sooner? What can’t of coward was I to marry her and not wait for you to show up.” – Fitz to Liv

“Let’s be inappropriate” – Fitz to Liv

“Say My Name” – Fitz to Liv

“Just go in your room and close the door and we’ll pretend this never happened” – Fitz to Liv

“Take off your clothes” – Fitz to Liv

“One minute” – Fitz to Liv

“Goodbye Mr. President” – Liv to Fitz

“You do have a car don’t you? I can’t date you if you don’t have a car.” – Quinn to Gideon

“Grant for the People” – Season Finale

“I want a baby! A big fat, smooshy, drooling, baby” – James to Cyrus

“A man who isn’t President has options. A man who isn’t president can divorce his wife. A man who isn’t president can have a life, the life he wants, the life he’s always wanted, with the woman he loves.” – Fitz to Liv

“You let the girl into his pants” – Mellie

“We are not doing this. Who are you right now” – Fitz to Liv

“The woman who go you elected, so go be the man I voted for.” – Liv to Fitz

“I know how to fake it with my wife. You taught me well.” – Fitz to Liv



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