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Welcome to abcSCANDALfans – a fan site dedicated to ABC’s hit show “Scandal”

The abcSCANDALfans site is your source for any and everything SCANDALous – For GLADIATORS, by GLADIATORS!

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abcSCANDALfans has everything for GLADIATORS including:

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  • After Buzz TV ‘SCANDAL’ Aftershow – Webcast aftershow with co-hosts Emile Ennis Jr., Bamm Ericsen & Sofia Stanley
  • ‘SCANDAL’ Case Study – Post-episode interviews with showrunner Shonda Rhimes (courtesy of @THR)

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  • Videos
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  • GLADIATOR sites including: Blogs, Fan Videos & GLADIATOR fanfiction

Be sure to check back often for all of the SCANDALous details!

Season 3 of ABC’s “Scandal” will air this fall on Thursdays at 10 pm EST beginning October 3rd, after “Grey’s Anatomy.” Check your local listings so you don’t miss “One Minute” of this SCANDALously UhMAZEballs show!




  1. You did an awesome job setting this up. #Gladiators >>>>>>> Ready!!!! This is going to be the new HOT SPOT for ALL the #Scandalators. This is great!!!!

  2. I love… The other post is mine where I couldn’t spell my name correctly. But I’m still a STR8 #Gladiator that’s ready to ride or die for my #OverACliff posse who has nothing but #Scandal.

  3. gladiatorsensue

    Love it!! ❤

  4. Great job my sister from another mista!

  5. Very nice

  6. Awesome site. So excited for DVD release.

  7. scandalmoments

    What I love about your site are several things – your hot banner with all the cast members & I especially love how you broke down each topic with great section right under the banner!

    Great job! Eager to see more updates!

  8. Meetmehalfway

    Looks wonderful!!

  9. Way to go, Emily!! Lookin’ GOOD.

  10. Great job totally love it

  11. So excited at site. Looks great gladiatorbff!!!

  12. love my gladiator family!!

  13. Meetmehalfway

    Great job!

  14. Alina Ferrer


  15. Great Blog!

    You should create a forum to discuss and dissect.

    (aka gladiator in flip flops)

  16. I agree about a forum to discuss and dissect. I LOVE to do that about my favorite couple.

  17. I’m in! Forum please. Last nights episode (Sept. 27), let’s dissect.

  18. Just found this site. Love the show – addicted – I think ABC needs to advertise more – many people do not know about this show

  19. FORUM!!!! FORUM!!!!!

    I don’t understand nor do I like Twitter.

    One liners do nothing for me.

    Tony and Kerry need to be on the cover of TV Guide.


  20. Vote for Scandal !! For TV Guide Magazine’s Fan Favorite cover. Voting ends on October 28, 2012. You can vote as many times as you want. Vote on computer only because the link is not working on mobile device right now. You have to go on TV Guide Magazine Facebook Page.

  21. Heard about your site on AfterbuzzTV so I’m looking forward to exploring it more. I’m hooked on this show and glad that you have created this place for Gladiators to commune. Keep upi the good work!

  22. I love this show, tonight’s episode was Emmy worthy

  23. I agree with above comment. I’ve watched last week’s show 3 times already and the rose garden scene even more. lol

  24. MORE, MORE, I want MORE ! ! January seems SO far away. This show is like a DRUG, the more you see, the more you want……..somebody HELP me, can’t stop watching !

  25. Love this show and great blog, thanks for keeping us Gladiators updated!!

  26. The President (Tony Goldwyn) and his mistress (Kerry Washington) make a nice on-screen couple. In fact, I’m rooting for their romantic reunion. It’s SCANDALously delicious! Also, I love the cast’s quick, sometimes quirky, delivery of lines, and the sometimes long, but poignant, interludes between them. Absolutely genius.The creators get it right on every technical aspect, but the engrossing story is what makes me return again and again. By the way, kudos to the Gladiators on this web page. Great job, guys!

  27. Great website 🙂

    Does anyone know where i can find the scandal paley centre whole crew interview?

  28. I love this show but I have one problem with it.
    Earlier episodes say that the President and 1st lady had 2 other children. Well, where are they? They barely mention them and haven’t even given them names.

  29. Love this show its the hottest show on tv

  30. I love this show soooo much it’s like I’m addicted to it .

  31. Season 2 episode 13 just gave me a heart attack….really Fitz…you did what! btw Verna and Olivia I am speechless

  32. It’s a GREAT show! A lot of my friends and love it. I now call my workweek “what I do in between Scandal episodes! ” http://chatonsworld.blogspot.com/2013/02/five-reasons-why-this-working-mom.html

  33. Fitz and Liv – my favorite tv romance. I hope it lasts forever. But after 2 years in this sizzling love affair, Liv needs to let Fitz know that even though he can’t put a ring on “that particular finger,” she has 9 others. It doesn’t have to be the “Taylor-Burton diamond”, but something! Then the sting won’t be so painful each time he tells her “We’re Done!”

    “Scandal…each week “I wait for you, I watch for you, I can’t breathe without you, I can’t sleep without you; I exist for you – we’re in this together.” What is Liv going to do with two Navy men who “don’t give up?” That’s a question.

  34. Scandal keeps getting better and better!
    Top of the Hour
    When Sarah Tanner gave Liv that $300 bottle of wine at Sarah’s table, telling her to “drink the d—wine,” after one sip Liv knew that it was a quality wine….. Liv knows that good wine is a “food group?” Great! You go, girl!

    Snake in the Garden
    Liv doesn’t know that Fitz had Jake spying on her; Fitz doesn’t know that Liv is Jake’s source; and if things go well, Fitz will find a place for Jake that’s a little more official (in his administration?)…WOW! I can hardly wait for this to unfold.

    Mellie did what Mellie does. Mellie has a way of crossing Fitz, and diminishing him more rather than building him up. She too has taken on the role of Fitz’s father with the strong criticism. Fitz needs Liv back in his life at this time. After all, there are some things that Cyrus can’t “fix” for Fitz.

  35. Last night’s Molly episode was simply Scandalicious!
    Liv, I wish you could have held out longer before Jake. Speaking of Jake, how on earth did Scandal find two talented handsome leading men: Fitz – (the love of my life) and mysterious Jake. But I don’t judge you, Liv, for being a marvelously greedy girl!

    Fitz gave away too much power by confessing to Cyrus about Verna. To give some balance will Cyrus confess to Fitz about – say – Amanda Tanner or more recent sins? That’s a question.

    Even the music was great in this episode with a lot of suspense, especially when Liv got up to get a glass of water in Jake’s kitchen.

    Love the whole cast. Gladiator2B, Gladiator, or Senior Gladiator – there’s something in the Scandal series for everyone (over 21 years of age, of course); romance, suspense, intrigue, excitement……you name it.

    I wait for you, I watch for you…..

  36. As small as Liv is, my girl can fight! That tussle between her and Jake in his kitchen was exciting. She would have kicked his butt if she hadn’t hit her head, and had had a skillet within reach. It’s good she didn’t though because I think I like mysterious Jake.

    Involvement with two Navy men who don’t give up can be dangerous. It’s like poking two (2) bears. Some men, even civil ones, can lose it over a woman. I hope Liv keeps in mind the poem, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave / When first we practise to deceive!” by W. Scott. Take time Liv and think things over.

    Cyrus and Fitz’s renewed trust in each other may have made Cyrus c r a z y. Will Cyrus go after Liv (to harm) to protect the President from her influences? That’s a question. It wouldn’t surprise me if answer is “yes.” Dragon, Bull Dog, or even Great White = Cyrus Beane

    Win her back, Fitz (love of my life)!

  37. In the new season of Scandal we would love to see even more scenes of Fitz (love of my life) and Olivia. Good luck to Tony Goldwyn with his directing.

    As a Scandal fanatic I hope we could one day see an episode where Olivia Pope and her team are asked to help a music entertainer with problems that need fixing. Hopefully this would eventually lead to scenes and music at a White House Concert. In the past some good performances at the W H Concerts were B. B. King, Diana Krall, Rod Stewart (Have I told you Lately), Common, The Rolling Stones Mick Jagger (Miss you), to name a few. My hope is to see and hear someone such as Harry Connick, Jr. who is an actor and one of the great jazz musicians, or Wynton Marsalis (with Kathleen Battle? far reaching), Earth Wind and Fire…. Oh, what possibilities for mystery and music! At the Concert we could even get some surprise glimpses at one or two celebrities who love Scandal.

    We are looking forward to Jake coming out of “the hole.”

    Mr. President, Fitz (love of my life), was great on Jimmy Kimmel’s show recently.

    A big welcome to Liev Schreiber to Scandal…. what excitement to look forward to this fall.

    Waiting for fall,

  38. I just love it. Found it in Netflix and couldn’t stop watching it.

  39. Glad you’re back… Fitz (the love of my life), Liv, and that great cast.

    I can hardly wait to see how Fitz and Liv find privacy for romance with so many prying eyes and spies. How about on Air Force One……just kidding. I’m certain that Shonda and those wonderful writers will find a way….. love will find a way.

    We’ve heard that since Scandal, “middle-age black women lust after Tony more; and sistas hit on Tony way more now.” Can you blame them? The Fitz/Liv tv romance has raised the bar! Scandal if “my show!” As you can see, I have “Scandal” fever.

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