SCANDAL Tracks – Season 2

Music heard on ABC’s ‘Scandal’ (listing provided by


Episode 219 “Seven Fifty-Two” (Original airdate: April 25, 2013)

The Commodores, “Brick House”

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  • Scene: Flashback -Someone learns the art of killing and then receives his first assignment.

Johnny Nash, “I Can See Clearly Now”

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  • Scene: Flashback -Someone tells Huck she’s pregnant. Huck tortures someone while in a good mood. Huck removes the watches off of all of his victims.

The Album Leaf, “The Light”

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  • Scene: Fitz and Olivia open up to each other about something. They still love each other.

Episode 218 “Molly, You In Danger Girl” (Original airdate: April 4, 2013)

War, “Low Rider”

Episode 217 “Snake In The Garden” (Original airdate: March 28, 2013)

Parliament, “Flashlight”

Episode 216 “Top of the Hour” (Original airdate: March 21, 2013)

Dr. John, “Right Place, Wrong Time”

Episode 215 “Boom Goes The Dynamite” (Original airdate: February 21, 2013)

Wild Cherry, “Play That Funky Music”

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  • Scene: 1st Use: Olivia and Peter discuss Will’s image and the next steps in his campaign. 2nd Use: Abby and Harrison begin the search. They meet with and interview Missy Blanchard, Elaine Brill, and Rachel Livingston.

Bettye Lavette, “I’m Not The One”

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  • Scene: Fitz finishes his speech. Olivia gets a call from someone. Olivia flirts with them on the phone; Fitz sees Olivia happy.

Episode 214 “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” (Original airdate: February 14, 2013)

Hot Chocolate, “You Sexy Thing”

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  • Scene: The group discuss a woman’s collection of men and also the covering up of her body. Quinn tells them they are running out of time. Olivia and team try and make sense of all the men in her phone and what her life was like.

Stevie Wonder, “I Don’t Know Why”

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  • Scene: Fitz gives Cyrus an important order, an then he sees someone standing there. A bishop performs a Christening as the group participates. James an Cyrus thank the guests for attending the Christening. Two characters have sex.

Episode 213 “Nobody Likes Babies” (Original airdate: February 7, 2013)

KC & The Sunshine Band, “Get Down Tonight”

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  • Scene: The team listens to the CD’s. Harrison brings Abby a semi-PG-13 disc. Abby can’t bring herself to listen. Huck comes in with a few CD’s and a pervy smirk.

The Album Leaf, “See In You”

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  • Scene: Abby finally gets up the nerve t listen to the CD’s. David asks Abby something. David and Abby have a conversation. Abby tells David they’re good. David pleads with Abby. David whispers something to Abby. Abby cries. Abby finally gets up.

The Album Leaf, “The Light”

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  • Scene: Fitz eulogizes someone. Verna confesses something to someone. Verna threatens something. Fitz makes a difficult decision.

Episode 212 “Truth or Consequences (Original airdate: January 31, 2013)

Earth Wind & Fire, “Shining Star”

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  • Scene: Quinn decides she’s on the team. Olivia wants to find a paper trail with Becky. Huck and Quinn start their research. Lindsay leaves her infamous voicemail. Quinn tries to pick up the laptop from the Genius Bar.

Episode 210 – “One for the Dog” (Original airdate: January 10, 2013)

Sly & The Family Stone, “M’Lady”

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  • Scene: Olivia gives orders to do some damage control. Harrison works the Chief of Surgery.

The Staple Sisters, “Be What You Are”

Episode 207 – “Defiance” (Original airdate: November 29, 2012)

The Isley Brothers, “Livin’ In The Life”

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  • Scene: Skip and his mom, Anne, explain to the team how Harold’s behavior changes are particularly troublesome given their company’s impending IPO.

Dolores White, “Why Don’t He Understand”

  • Scene: Abby and Harrison watch Harold and Jenna celebrate; Harrison tries to comfort Abby.

Bettye Lavette, “Crazy”

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  • Scene: Edison picks up Olivia. Cyrus leaves a message for James to join him at Fitz’ birthday gala. Two characters share a moment while en route to the gala.

Episode 206 – “Spies Like Us” (Original airdate: November 15, 2012)

Parliament, “Sir Nose D’Voidoffunk”

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  • Scene: Pope and Associates wait for the spies to arrive, the first is Maggie aka Wink, a soccer mom.

Rufus & Chaka Khan, “Tell Me Something”

Nina Simone, “I Think It’s Going To Rain Today”

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  • Scene: Abby and David have an important conversation. Abby grabs some fax pages relating to David’s investigation and crumples them, she sees Olivia. Abby apologizes to Olivia for something.

Episode 204 – “Beltway Unbuckled” (Original airdate: October 25, 2012)

James Brown, “Get On the Good Foot”

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  • Scene: Edison and Olivia argue over the next move in the Nystrom case. Olivia comes up with a new angle.

Kool & The Gang, “Jungle Boogie

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  • Scene: Olivia, Easton & The Nystroms work on a plan of action to find Jenny. The Nystroms show Jenny’s photo to a news crew.

Episode 203 – “Hunting Season” (Original airdate: October 18, 2012)

Rose Royce, “Car Wash”

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  • Scene: The team meets Artie, who stole evidence of Thorngate. The team learns about Artie. Artie explains how he came across the evidence, and how he is being followed…

Estate, “Fortis Ride”

Leon Haywood, “Don’t Push It Don’t Force It

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  • Scene: Olivia meets with reporter Kimberly Mitchell, and makes them agree to hold off reporting on Thorngate for 24 hours. Harrison tries to get info on a partial license plate number…

Episode 202 – “The Other Woman” (Original airdate: October 4, 2012)

The O’Jays, “For The Love of Money”

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  • Scene: Olivia tells Nancy about Anna’s child. It’s time to negotiate. Olivia negotiates back and forth with Anna and Nancy.

Booker T & The MG’s, “Green Onions”

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  • Scene: Huck gets a phone call from Liv while attending an AA meeting. Quinn vents to Olivia that she’s frustrated about her current living situation.

Episode 201 – “White Hat’s Off” (Original airdate: September 27, 2012)

The J.B.’s, “Pass The Peas”

Ohio Players, “Love Rollercoaster”


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