Episode 212 – Episode Recap

*Warning* – The following recap contains spoilers for this episode.

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Episode 212 – “Truth or Consequences” (recap courtesy of ABC.com)

Original airdate: January 31, 2013

scandal_truth_or_consequencesSUMMARY — U.S. Attorney and all-around good guy David Rosen lets Hollis Doyle know he believes the Cytron explosion was linked to a scheme to rig the last presidential election. There’s room for only one deal. If it’s not with him, it’ll be with one of his co-conspirators. This sends Hollis to Olivia demanding she handle David before he takes everyone down. While at the office, Quinn shoots daggers at Hollis with her eyes. She knows that he’s the man who killed her boyfriend back when she was Lindsay Dwyer.

Two years ago, Lindsay Dwyer gets word that she passed the bar. She shares this exciting news with her boyfriend, Jesse Tyler, who is in the small town of Defiance, Ohio. He’s there swapping out a voting machine in order to rig the election so that Fitzgerald Grant can become President of the United States. Jesse is paid a million bucks for the job, but that isn’t enough. He demands more from Hollis Doyle. When he doesn’t get it, Jesse angrily knocks over some coffee effectively frying his laptop.

Becky is hired by Hollis to take care of the Jesse Tyler problem. She packs a bomb in a box that’s addressed to the offices of Cytron Software. She lists the sender as Lindsay Dwyer. Becky also sends a text to make it seem as though Jesse is having an affair. This spurs a furious Lindsay to leave a heated phone message that could be seen as a death threat. Later, Jesse receives the package he believes to be from Lindsay. BOOM! An explosion rocks the Cytron building. Becky completes the first part of her mission, but can’t serve up Lindsay to the cops when she sees Huck kidnapping her.

In present day, Mellie lets Cyrus know that her hubby asked for a divorce. This has the White House Chief of Staff more than a little flummoxed. Fitz, on the other hand, is as calm as can be. He orders Cyrus to make the divorce thing happen. Fitz gives the scoop to Olivia, who breaks the news about Edison’s proposal. She is despondent due to all that’s happened. She feels guilty for the role she played in the election rigging and she can’t deal with Hollis in her current state. Cyrus promises that he’ll handle everything.

Edison asks Olivia’s friends to help break her out of her funk. Quinn believes they need to stop blindly gladiating. She initiates a discussion where everyone spills the secrets they know. Lots of truths come out, but Huck corrects one statement about Hollis Doyle. He lets the group know that Hollis was rigging votes, but not for the purpose of a pipeline. Everyone knows that Olivia and Hollis first met when working on the election. The dark truth of what this means is soon realized. Later, Huck lets Olivia know that if Cyrus said he’d take care of Hollis that means he’s sending Charlie to kill him.

Olivia lets Verna know that she’s going to turn in Hollis. She gives David the scoop on the secret phone he used to chat with Becky. Cyrus tries to influence David into releasing Hollis so he can sick Charlie on him. As for Olivia, her team springs into action to find a money trail linking Hollis to Becky. Quinn helps by turning over the computer that got doused with coffee two years ago. They find a payment made to Jesse, but nothing for Becky. Thankfully, they have one more card to play. Huck visits Becky in prison. He convinces her to turn over her bank account info after revealing his real name.

Cyrus lets Mellie know that Fitz is serious about the divorce. If she has any more cards to play, now is the time. Mellie makes a beeline to her OB-GYN. She realizes her due date for the baby may be too late to save her marriage, so she initiates a change of plans. As for Fitz, he’s still planning to go forward with the divorce even though it’s political suicide. He also wants to see Olivia, but an emergency prevents that from happening. It’s the Mellie. She’s in the labor. Fitz, seeing how much pain she is in, feels obligated to hold her, stand her side and team up with his wife just like he did with their first two kids. Time to PUSH!

Huck is able to access Becky’s bank account. There’s a payment for the Cytron explosion from Hollis. There’s also a deposit of $5 million that was logged the day after the president was shot, but this payment is from someone else. Olivia calls David to let him know that the man he has in custody didn’t order the assassination. Actually, Hollis isn’t locked up anymore. David had no choice but to release him. Hollis gets into an elevator. Before the doors close, Charlie jumps in. He just happens to be heading to the same floor.


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