Episode 202 – Episode Recap

*Warning* – The following recap contains spoilers for this episode.

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Episode 202 – “The Other Woman” (recap courtesy of ABC.com)

Original airdate: October 4, 2012

SUMMARY — Olivia lets Fitz know that 23 people can’t leave the White House whenever he works late at the Oval Office. They go home when he does. Actually, the leader of the free world is only half-working. Sure he’s mulling over the situation in East Sudan, but he’s really just there to make his nightly call to Olivia. She wants him to stop doing this. At least, that’s what she says when the phone rings again. Only it’s not Fitz on the line. It’s Nancy Drake, the wife of “America’s Pastor,” Marvin Drake. She’s calling because her husband is missing.

Olivia assembles the team. They track Pastor Drake to a hotel where he’s found dead on a bed. But wait, there’s more! The muffled sound of the handcuffed woman trapped under his oversized, naked body lets us know that the good pastor was into some fairly kinky stuff. The lady’s name is Anna and she has no interest in the hush money Harrison offers her. Huck details the items he needs dispose of the pastor’s body. Olivia lets him know that they only need to move the big guy, not dismember him. Soooo much easier.

After Pastor Drake is secretly transported back home, Olivia learns that Anna was the pastor’s mistress for 15 years. By all indications, she’s a saint of a woman who just happened to be in love with a married man. Anna wants six million dollars to keep quiet. A stunned Olivia isn’t about to ask Nancy Drake for such an outrageous amount of cash until Anna summons her son. The boy is the spitting image of his pastor dad. Let the negotiations begin!

Abby handles Pastor Drake’s funeral arrangements while Harrison pays off all the hotel employees. The goal is to keep the man’s legacy intact. That’s why a financial deal is also reached with Anna. The only problem is that the government wants to perform an autopsy. They’ll likely learn that Drake didn’t die at home. U.S. Attorney David isn’t about to grant Olivia the favor of calling the whole thing off. So, our favorite fixer asks Fitz for help. Actually, she “demands” that he help her. She also wants him to let her go.

A disturbing photo of a mass grave filled with young bodies has Fitz asking for military options regarding East Sudan. Something about this doesn’t smell right to Cyrus. He notices a pensive look on the face of a junior analyst named Matt Turner. The kid is stunned when the President of the United States steps into his broom closet of an office. Matt explains that the crops seen in the background of the mass grave photo prove that this is not a shot that was taken three days ago in East Sudan. Fitz knows the CIA director is behind this. That’s why he asks for his immediate resignation as the photo is deemed to be a fraud.

Things have been particularly icy between Fitz and Mellie lately. Speaking of the First Lady, she pays her respects to Nancy Drake who whispers that her husband had a mistress. Mellie asks for some alone time with the grieving widow. She understands how this woman feels. She also knows that even though her husband cheated on her, they are still partners. She needs to bury the man she married. Everything seems to be on track for a smooth funeral until Olivia learns that Anna now wants more money. In truth, what she really wants is a chance to say goodbye to the man she loved.

As Pastor Drake’s funeral is about to begin, Olivia lets Nancy know that Anna would like to attend the service with her son. Fitz gives a stirring eulogy for a man whose legacy will remain unblemished. After the mass, Nancy invites Anna and her son to walk out of the church by her side. As for Fitz, he softens a bit with Mellie when she asks for his forgiveness on the car ride back to the White House. It’s a very tender moment that ends as fast as it began. Fitz gets back to work on his side of the presidential limo after having entered into an uneasy truce with his wife.

Quinn secretly skips out of Washington to head back home to Oakland. She meets with her father, who is only mildly supportive of her plight. Quinn was obviously hoping for more from him. She visits the rundown hotel where she was abducted two years ago. She’s not alone. Huck is there to sympathize with her situation, as he is battling his own demons at the moment. He convinces Quinn to come home to DC.
David is livid when he learns the autopsy on Pastor Drake was called off. He knows Olivia is behind it. The hits just keep on coming for our favorite U.S. Attorney when David’s boss sends him on a mandatory leave of absence. That’s not going to stop him from trying to figure out just what went down with the whole Quinn Perkins fiasco.

In random news, James wants a baby, but Cyrus doesn’t have it in him to care for another child. He’s way too busy taking care of the United States of America. In Huck’s world, he’s been attending AA meetings even though the thing he has a thirst for isn’t booze or drugs. As for Olivia, she stares at the phone when another late night call comes in. She knows who it is. That’s why she doesn’t answer.

Olivia preps Supreme Court Justice Verna Thornton for a TV interview. Once they get some alone time, they share an update on the Quinn situation. Verna admits that part her wishes they would have let her hang in court. It’s clear that the Supreme Court Justice and Olivia Pope share a secret. It’s apparently a big one, as Verna believes Quinn Perkins could bring down their entire government.


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