Episode 218 – Episode Recap

*Warning* – The following recap contains spoilers for this episode.

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Episode 218 – “Molly, You In Danger Girl(recap courtesy of ABC.com)

Original airdate: April 4, 2013

scandal_whoisthemoleSUMMARY — Unlike what Fitz reports to the country, CIA Director Osborne’s wife doesn’t believe her husband was a traitor. She also doesn’t think he committed suicide. Olivia isn’t 100% convinced that what she says isn’t true. She needs to be sure before putting the Albatross files in storage. Her team must open every loose end they thought they’d tied up. Osborne’s security man says his deceased boss was a true patriot, but he did have a gambling problem. The dry cleaner he visited so often was his bookie. The woman who fingered Osborne as the mole, Molly, has gone missing. This leads Olivia to believe they may have made a mistake.

Every third Wednesday of every month is “sweep day” at Olivia Pope’s place. It’s the type of event that doesn’t require a broom. Huck and Quinn sweep their boss’s apartment for bugs. They fine none. That’s because Jake is hip to this ritual. He removes his hidden cameras before they arrive and reinstalls them once they leave. Jake is watching Olivia in the comfort of his home when she lets Cyrus know that Osborne wasn’t the mole. He knows she won’t stop digging until she finds out who is. The mystery man from the park wants Jake to assure him that he’ll take care of the situation.

A concerned Abby hustles David back into the office after he’d just moved back into his place. He’s still in danger if the mole is still out there. David offers to help track down Molly by using his contacts at Homeland Security. The team learns that Albatross recently rented a storage unit. Huck asks Quinn to wait in the car while he checks it out. The inside of the unit is empty except for a wooden crate. Huck doesn’t see that he’s not alone. A mystery figure knocks him unconscious. Quinn goes inside to look for Huck, but has no idea what unit he was checking out. There are 10 floors filled with hundreds of identical storage spaces.

Fitz and Mellie agree to give their first joint TV interview since the assassination attempt and the birth of America’s baby. It’s not Oprah, but it is a necessary step before the president announces his reelection bid in a few weeks. Fitz and Mellie play the role of the perfect married couple as they recount the night they first met. Olivia can only take so much before clicking off the TV. She gathers herself together to head over to Jake’s place with some grub from Gettysburger. She doesn’t see him turn off her phone. Olivia finally succumbs to Jake’s charms as the two of them embark on a night of passion.

With the TV interview over, Fitz recalls the real story of how he and Mellie met. It’s not the fairytale they told the American people. Their meeting was all a setup courtesy of Big Jerry. He wanted his son to breed with a thoroughbred in the perfect merger. Fitz wonders if the lies ever bother his wife. Mellie says that pretending is what’s real. Every married couple in the world pretends. That’s the reality. Fitz apologizes if he’s the one who made Mellie this way. Later, he calls Cyrus to admit that he killed Verna Thornton. Fitz wonders if Olivia would forgive him if she knew.

Thanks to David’s contacts, the team tracks down Molly. She lied because she was terrified of the person who was pulling her strings. He threatened to kill her. David assures Molly that Olivia’s team is her best option for getting out of this mess. His words don’t resonate. Molly bolts. Back at the office, David gets Abby to admit that she still has feelings for him. Too bad he can’t fall for someone who stole from him and ruined his career. He can’t let himself love someone he can’t trust.

Cyrus has been staying at a hotel for the past 22 days. James can’t get past all the lies he’s told. Fitz advises Cyrus to not give up the fight to win James back if he truly loves his husband. That’s why Cy moves back home. He suggests couples therapy. That won’t work. It’s hard to tell a therapist that your husband rigged a national election. Cyrus tells James that he’s upset because he chose to lie, too. He chose happiness over righteousness. That’s what’s truly bothering him. They love each other in spite of the choices they’ve both made. That doesn’t stop James from wishing Cy had lied to him about what he’d done.

Quinn convinces the storage unit manager to let her look at the surveillance feeds. She realizes someone pointed one of the cameras in a different direction. She’s able to find the unit Huck was investigating. She opens the crate to find him tied up, gagged and beaten. Huck is in bad shape, but is still better off than Molly. She’s been killed in a suspicious hit and run. Harrison believes the mole took her out before she could talk.  A man with a baseball cap is seen on the storage unit surveillance footage. He’s the person who hurt Huck. Charlie is later seen wearing a baseball cap as he calls Cyrus to tell him there’s been a development.

Olivia tries to turn on the TV at Jake’s place. She sees on the video feed to her apartment. A terrified Olivia tries to run, but Jake grabs her. The two of them struggle. Olivia smashes her head. Jake promises that he’s not going to hurt her. In fact, he’s trying to protect her from the masked gunman currently breaking into her place. Olivia is confused. Then she’s unconscious with a concussion. When Olivia awakens in a hospital bed, Jake warns her say that he saved her after a break-in at her apartment. This is just before Fitz walks into the room. He thanks Jake for calling him. Fitz then holds Olivia close as Jake looks on through the window.


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