Episode 208 – Episode Extras

Episode 208 –
“Happy Birthday Mr. President”


Original airdate: December 6, 2012
Written by: Shonda Rhimes
Directed by: Oliver Bokelberg

Promos & Sneak Peeks
Episode Recap
Episode Photos

No case file this week.

Get an in-depth look at episode 208,
“Happy Birthday Mr. President” in this
week’s SCANDAL Case Study.

SCANDAL costume designer Lyn Paolo
chats with InStyle Magazine about Kerry
Washington’s Olivia Pope’s wardrobe in
this week’s episode
“Happy Birthday Mr. President”.
Get the secrets behind
“Happy Birthday Mr. President”
from Scandal Researcher Jess Brownell
in this week’s Researcher’s Blog.
Find out how real crisis manager, Judy
Smith would handle the SCANDAL in this
week’s episode 208,
“Happy Birthday Mr. President”.
Check out all the great music
heard in tonight’s episode!
Check out this week’s official Scandal
podcast as executive producer Betsy

Beers and Bellamy Young discuss episode
208, “Happy Birthday Mr. President”.
Go behind the scenes with Scandal’s
Joshua Malina& EW.com in this
season-long video diary
THR’s Lesley Goldberg provides more
info on the latest episode in this weekly
interview with series showrunner,
Shonda Rhimes and cast.
Join the afterBuzzTV hosts, Emile Ennis Jr.,
Sofia Stanley, Bamm Ericesn & Kennelia
Stradwick as they disect this week’s
episode, “Happy Birthday Mr. President”.
Download the Free podcast on iTunes here.
Watch the webcast on YouTube here.
Check out what the writing staff at
TVFanatic.com have to say about what
transpired in episode 208,
“Happy Birthday Mr. President” in this
week’s edition of the Scandal RoundTable.

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