Episode 209 – Promos & Sneak Peeks

Episode 209 – “Blown Away”scandal_what_the_huckOriginal airdate: December 13, 2012
Written by: Mark Wilding
Directed by: Jessica Yu

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“Blown Away” Promo #1

“Blown Away” Sneak Peek #1

“Blown Away” Sneak Peek #2

Episode Previews:

‘Scandal’ midseason finale: Dan Bucatinsky on James’s ‘precarious position’  – Entertainment Weekly via Sandra Gonzalez

‘Scandal’: How Much Does Mellie Know About Fitz’s Shooting? Bellamy Young Chimes In – The Hollywood Reporter – via Lesley Goldberg

Scandal Season 2 Fall Finale Preview: Blown AwayCinemaBlend.com via Kelly West

E! Online’s Spoiler Chat via Kristin De Santos

Terry: Last night’s Scandal was sooo good! I need scoop now!
Kerry Washington
stayed mum on spoilers about who shot Fitz, but she did offer up this little tease about the midseason finale: “You will get more information than you have now, but you will also have more questions.” And then we have to wait forever for new episodes in 2013? Damn you, Scandal!


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