Episode 209 – Episode Recap

*Warning* – The following recap contains spoilers for this episode.

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Episode 209 – “Blown Away” (recap courtesy of ABC.com)

Original airdate: December 13, 2012

scandal_what_the_huckSUMMARY — Sally Langston is making herself at home in the Oval Office. She wants Olivia to do her patriotic duty by staying on at the White House. That’ll have to wait. Huck is in trouble. He says, “The person they’re looking for… The one they think shot the president… That’s me.” Huck was asked to come to a hotel room by his girlfriend, Becky. When he arrived, the rifle that shot Fitz fired via remote control. Huck packed up the weapon, gathered all but one of the bullet cartridges and pulled a fire alarm as he snuck away. He plops a case onto the conference room table. Inside sits the gun that was used to shoot the President of the United States.

The FBI has a sketch of their prime suspect—a man in a red hoodie. Huck believes whoever shot Fitz used Becky to lure him to that room. He’s desperate to find her. Abby asks David for a copy of all the hotel security footage. These two obviously still have strong feelings for each other. As for the footage, it shows Becky checking in at the hotel on her own. The fact that there is no information on her beyond the past three months leads the team to think this was all a setup. Huck doesn’t believe it. Harrison can’t stop him from leaving the office to do things his way.

Huck breaks into Becky’s apartment. He finds a hidden room with dozens of surveillance photos along with blueprints of the hotel and a layout of the plaza where the president was shot. Becky truly did set him up. Things get worse when Olivia learns that Huck picked up a woman’s cell phone while fleeing the hotel. The feds are trying to get prints off it. A despondent Huck sits in his car as the happy family he likes to watch goes about their day. When night falls, Becky sneaks up on him. She admits to shooting the president, but didn’t set up Huck fully like she was told to do by those who hired her. That’s because she wants to be with him.

Becky wants to go on the run. Unbelievably, Huck agrees to go with her. He loves her, but eventually has a change of heart. He calls Harrison to have him plant the gun in Becky’s apartment. He waits outside the home of the family he watches. That’s where he’s to meet Becky, but she’s a no-show. Huck senses something is wrong. He steps inside the house to find the entire family has been shot dead. A looped recording of Huck’s conversation with Harrison plays on a recorder. Becky knew she was going to be betrayed. Huck is devastated.

Cyrus realizes that his husband lied to him about visiting his parents awhile back. This leads him to believe James is having an affair. Olivia assures him that he’ll always have her. Cyrus warns that she’s to never give up hope that Fitz will find his way back to her. Still, Olivia must take part in possible funeral plans should the president die. In other news, Charlie lets Cyrus know that James isn’t cheating on him. He is, however, having chats with David Rosen. Cyrus also discovers that James has been to Defiance, Ohio.

Cyrus surprises James with a fancy dinner. It’s to make a grand announcement that he’s made arrangements to adopt a baby. James is thrilled. He doesn’t think twice about his husband’s request that he quit his job to stay home with their new baby. Charlie lets Cyrus know that his plan worked. James is now spending time shopping at baby stores. What Cy doesn’t know is that his husband is hip to his game. James is still covertly working to possibly bring down an entire presidential administration. He hands over the voting machine memory card to David, who is later shocked to find Abby in his apartment. No words are spoken as they make love. No words are spoken when she leaves him alone after they are done.

Hollis Doyle is looking to make nice with his new president. That’s why he hands Sally Langston a file on Verna Thornton. It’s her medical records. Sally uses this information as leverage to get Verna to resign from the Supreme Court. She’ll destroy her legacy if the ailing Justice doesn’t play ball. Verna later lets Olivia know that the red hoodie man she’s been seeing in the sketches looks a lot like Huck. She later meets with Sally with her resignation letter in one hand and the name of the person who shot Fitz in the other. It’s up to the current sitting president to decide which envelope she’d rather accept.

Back at the office, Olivia assures Huck that they’ll find Becky. Quinn can’t be a part of what’s happening. She moves to leave but is frozen in her tracks when a dozen government agents silently enter the area. They are looking for Huck, who is taken away in handcuffs. The agent in charge lets Olivia know that her colleague is being held under the Patriot Act. We now know which envelope Sally Langston accepted.


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