SCANDAL Pace (S2 Thoughts UPDATED): Calling all #GLADIATORS to help solve the “Scandal Conspiracy”!!


WhatTheHuck BannerDecember 7, 2012 — Before episode 208 aired, I posted my theories on #WhoShotFitz and why! After watching “Happy Birthday Mr. President”, we all know that Huck was revealed as the alleged shooter, but what we still don’t know is WHY!

I’ve pretty much spent the last 10 hours tweeting with GLADIATORS, listening to the ‘Scandal Revealed’ podcast, watching the afterbuzzTV Scandal Aftershow and reading reviews and recaps! Yes, I’ve been busy! Some may call me obsessed and that’s perfectly okay, but I love solving puzzles and trying to connect the dots! So…I’m pulling out my Scandalous notebook, which is really starting to resemble David Rosen’s “Beautiful Minds” wall, and revising my original theories based on last night’s episode!

If you’re reading this, hop on Twitter or sound off in the comments below if you agree or disagree on some of these theories, picked up on something I didn’t and let’s HANDLE this puzzle! Simply because I can’t wait 6 more days to find out #WhatTheHuck just happened on the best television show EVER!

Please note – I know the episode ended with viewers ASSUMING Huck was the actual shooter, but I’m still going to refer to said person as “the shooter” because I’m not sold on Huck pulling that trigger, but we’ll get to that!

Here are some questions to get the juices flowing:

  1. Was the attack on the President meant to ACUTALLY KILL HIM?
  2. If the shooting wasn’t meant to be fatal: Was it a warning and to who? Was it staged as a means to cover up something else from coming to light (i.e. the voter fraud story leaking)
  3. Was the President the intended target? Maybe the shooter intended to take someone else out?
  4. Was the shooter hired by a third party and is simply the hit man or is the shooter and conspirator the same person?
  5. If the shooter was hired by a third party, whose potential target WAS NOT the President, did the shooter have their own vendetta for killing Fitz and possibly changed the original plan on their own?

Theory #1 – Suspect, Hollis Doyle

Image credit: ABC/Ron Tom

Image credit: ABC/Ron Tom


  • Hollis’ oil company, Doyle Energy, would benefit financially from a war in East Sudan, especially if he gets his pipeline through the country.


  • In episode 202, “The Other Woman”, Hollis had a brief conversation with Cyrus in the hallway after they discovered the photo from East Sudan was a fake. Hollis made two comments to Cyrus in this scene that raised red flags for me: “You have a soul? I thought you sold that to me years ago?” and in regards to the tampered photo “Ride that photo all the way to four more years.”
  • I took his comment to mean, go to war with East Sudan so I can make a ton of money when the demand for oil goes up and I’ll continue to contribute to the President’s re-election campaign.

Addition Puzzle Pieces:

  • The CIA director planted the fake photo of the killings in East Sudan – the photo was presented to POTUS in the Sit Room as Intel suggesting he declare war in the region
  • Cyrus spoke with the CIA assistant or intern (don’t remember which) because he was suspicious of how he was acting and notified the President
  • When Fitz approached him about the photo the assistant/intern confirmed it was fake
  • The President demanded the CIA director’s resignation for faking the photo, but I’m unsure what his motive would be
  • Based on Hollis’ comment about the photo, it makes me think that Hollis knew it was fake also – so was he working with the CIA director to force Fitz’s hand to declare war?
  • How/why he would be involved with Hollis?
  •  How would the CIA would benefit from Fitz pulling the trigger on the war other than Hollis bribing the CIA director to fake the photo?
  • The ONLY conspicuous puzzle piece regarding Mellie’s involvement is that she seemed eager for Fitz to make the decision to go to war with East Sudan also. HOWEVER Mellie is NO WHERE ON MY SUSPECT LIST right now!


  • Huck used to be in the CIA
  • Charlie is former CIA and at the end of episode 206 he makes a phone call to an unknown party and says something to the extent of “I’m back in town, maybe I’ll get back into business.”
  • If the CIA director and Hollis were working together to “trick” Fitz into declaring war – could this be a missing piece as to how Huck got involved with the assassination attempt?

Random Motives

  • The assassination of the President would also help distract the press and media from the voter fraud, should it leak and the American people will be sympathetic to the fact that the president was shot.

Theory #2 – Suspect, Vice President Sally Langston



  • If you look at the first person who immediately has something to gain if the sitting president is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, dies or resigns – THE VICE PRESIDENT!


  • Regardless of the medical outcome of Fitz’s condition, she is going to have to be sworn in temporarily!
  • Serving as Commander and Chief, even if temporarily until Fitz can resume the role, it gives her the advantage to be the party’s leading nominee for the next election whether or not Fitz decides to run for re-election.
  • Fitz is going to be under anesthesia during surgery, and now he’s in a coma. WHEN he wakes up, it will be a long recovery for him. There is no question that Sally Langston will HAVE to assume the role during this time.  Someone has to be in charge and make decisions! (hello West Wing fans – anyone relating to this?) As much as I love Cyrus for putting the VP in her place (man that scene was brilliant), the American people didn’t elect Cyrus – they voted Grant/Langston! Well some of them did – except in Defiance, OH – but we’ll get to that too! LOL!

Addition Puzzle Pieces:

  • Now, originally a big follow up question to the VP being a suspect was IS BILLY CHAMBERS DEAD? I know we all assume so, but I haven’t seen a body and this is a Shonda Rhimes show we are talking about here!! However, executive producer Betsy Beers made a comment during this week’s Scandal Revealed podcast (at the 17 minute mark) – she referenced that there were real life brothers in the same episode last season (Matt Letscher played Billy Chambers & Brian Letscher plays Tom, the Secret Service agent). She goes on to say “the two brothers ARE NOT in the show this year, only one is. That’s a big hint”. You may interpret in differently than I am, but I took that to mean that we will NOT be seeing Billy Chambers.


  • A small history lesson on the 25th Amendment (yes, I researched it)
  • Section 4 of the Amendment states that:

Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide (i.e. if the Vice President and a majority vote of the cabinet – which is what happened in the episode), transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President. (i.e. the VP submits a written declaration, signed by the cabinet members, to the Senate & the House that the POTUS cannot perform his duties, the VP will take on the role of acting President – again this is how it went down last night!)

  • Here’s where it gets juicy:

“Thereafter, when the President transmits to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives his written declaration that no inability exists, he shall resume the powers and duties of his office…”

  • (i.e. the POTUS could draft a memo to the Senate & House and resume the office once he has recovered from the attack)

“…UNLESS the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive department or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit within four days to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office…”

  • (i.e. If the VP can get the majority of the cabinet to submit another written declaration stating that they still don’t feel the POTUS can perform his job, then Fitz getting his job back becomes potentially really complicated and VERY POLITICAL BECAUSE…)

 …”Thereupon Congress shall decide the issue, assembling within forty-eight hours for that purpose if not in session. If the Congress, within twenty-one days after receipt of the latter written declaration, or, if Congress is not in session, within twenty-one days after Congress is required to assemble, determines by two-thirds vote of both Houses that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall continue to discharge the same as Acting President; otherwise, the President shall resume the powers and duties of his office.”

  • So basically if the VP can keep the cabinet in her pocket and lobby the two-thirds vote in Congress – crazy bumpkin Sally Langston will finish out the term as President and Fitz is S-O-L!


  • Governor Reston, who lost the election to Fitz due to voter fraud (Episode 205, All Roads Lead to Fitz), could be involved in the shooting.  Obviously he has been obsessed with losing in the two years since the election – so much so that he was willing to let his wife take the fall for murder in order to make a comeback.
  • This also links back to the voter fraud – could he have found out?
  • The person behind the shooting is someone we haven’t met yet, have no knowledge of and has no ties to anything that has happened thus far this season – thus taking us into another story arch.


I refer you back to the Scandal Revealed podcast (refer to the 17:50 minute mark).  Executive producer Betsy Beers and Bellamy Young mention the following in regard to the coming episodes:

  • Everything is going to start to come together
  • Loyalties are really tested
  • Alliances shift
  • More will be revealed about histories and grudges
  • Who means what to who
  • Everything single thing that you’ve seen put into motion comes to a head
  • Who’s behind killing Fitz? Do you think Huck shot Fitz? Do you really believe Huck shot Fitz? You know Huck, he’s capable of a lot.
  • And if he did shoot Fitz, why? Why?, he protects Olivia. Like what’s the deal there. That’s a whole big…pull that thread!

GLADIATORS – that’s all I can put into coherent thought right now! Otherwise my brain may explode. I will continue to review my crazy episode notes and add to this as we go!

What are your thoughts? Agree? Think some of this may pan out? Think I’ve lost my mind? – Hey, Scandal will do that to you! Tweet what you think @abcSCANDALfans or comment below and pray we make it through the next six days! I’ll leave you with one thought…WHAT.  THE.  HUCK!

ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS (I knew I’d forget something!!)

  • During the afterbuzzTV Scandal Aftershow, the hosts discussed how methodical Huck is in his crazy/scary “I know how to make you disappear and like it” actions, which I totally agree with and adds to the fact that I don’t think he was the shooter and if not what was he doing?
  • Did Huck pull trigger or was he cleaning up after someone else?? He looked panicked in his movements, wasn’t wearing gloves – I mean when have we seen Huck approach a killing or crime scene disposal without being absolutely, eerily calm and methodical? WE HAVEN’T!
  • Even his clothes…there was not attempt at stealthness or disguise there. It almost appeared that he was out on said date and had to show up quickly! He wasn’t dressed prepared to get away!
  • In the promo for episode 209 we hear Olivia as Huck “What did you do?” and Huck’s response: “I did what I was trained to do”…He’s NOT a sniper! We’ve seen him kill up close, torture his victims. Even in episode 105, “Crash & Burn” when Amanda Tanner turns up missing, he describes exactly what happened to her and when Olivia asks him how he knows, he says “That’s how I would do it.”



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  1. Wow! You put a lot of thought into that. I applaud you and at this point, all theories are plausible. But I just finished rewatching the show and noticed a couple of things. First, the sniper went out of his way to shoot Britta Kagan, who dies by the end of the show. You’ll remember that she is the one who alerted Liv to the Cytron problem. She was standing nowhere near the POTUS but died. Also, when Harrison asks where Huck is, Abby says he’s on a date. Quinn wonders whether or not Huck told his date he used to be a spy. We know the Scandal writers write with purpose behind every word. Is it possible that someone got to Cocaine before Huck reached her? Or could it be possible that Cocaine was a plant to throw Huck off from the beginning? OK, that’s it. Love your TL.

  2. Hi DreyMcK!

    So I’ll preface this with I love to answer questions with questions and play devil’s advocate! LOL!

    I totally had the same suspicions about Cocaine being a plant – I wrote this for’s Scandal Round Table: All Roads Lead To Fitz when asked if we could trust Huck’s new girlfriend: “I’m on the fence with “Cocaine” so far. On one hand she really may just be looking for companionship, even though she does seem to be a little kooky. But I could definitely see her being a “plant” as well – maybe the CIA is trying to rope Huck back in. If it turns out to be the latter, I could see her truly falling for Huck in the process and potentially turning on her “boss” to help him. (complete Round Table article:

    I thought about Kagan as well, but what I can’t find a link to is the M.O. behind taking her out. She just got a phone call from a reporter about discrepancies in the voting results. At that point, the bombing at Cytron hadn’t even happened yet and I’m not sure how she would have known the two were linked. It’s also a really big lapse in time between that flashback scene and the shooting. She was just an intern then. Why take her out when her death would be in the spotlight more as the press secretary, rather that when she was an intern?

    What do you think?

  3. what about another theory – as Fitz recovers he might not remember his relationship with Olivia There has been talk about more flashbacks and Mellie saying it goes back to when they (mellie) were in love.

    • @GIS (too long to type, lol) what if Kagan did some follow-up of her own even when Liv said she had it. What if Kagan went all James on Liv and someone decided she knew too much? And yeah, I haven’t figured it out completely, but I really think Ccaine is involved somehow, some way. @JCT – Wow! What if it’s Fitz’s memory that’s blown away. That would be… Wow.

      • Definitely all possible!! There’s such a huge gap in the timeline – who knows what all went down in the White House after Liv resigned! Like she said “You’d be surprised what powerful people can get away with behind closed doors.”

      • True! Now you’ve got me wondering about that Hollis comment to the prez about selling his soul. I’m thinking POTUS knows more than we think and may have cut a deal with Holls to keep Liv out of trouble… It’s just so much. lol. I guess we have to wait & see.

  4. I definitely think that’s a possibility JCT! When I heard about the flashback episode, 211, I thought it may be approached through Fitz’s memories – like if he’s still in a coma.

  5. I think Fitz hired Huck to kill him to keep Liv out of harms way. He knows something we don’t

  6. Before Thursdays episode, my number one suspect was Cocaine girl and I’m still leaning that way. Here’s my thinking:
    1. As you said and on afterbuzz, Huck was not in kill mode or spy mode. He was disorganized and sloppy. Yes, he would do anything for Olivia but he had really opened up to Cocaine girl. And I think he’d be willing to go to wire for her.
    2. We’ve seen Cocaine girl once since she starred dating Huck but she gets ALOT of mention. Seems like a lot of thought goes into someone who’s just a girlfriend.
    3. Olivia told Huck he shouldn’t do a background check on Cocaine girl. We assume he didn’t but why. She also told him to be normal. Normal for him apparently included taking the new girlfriend on a stakeout of the family he’s been stalking. Perhaps they found something to bond over???
    4. Spygate episode: during the episode, Huck explained that the spies received orders over the radio. You listen to the radio long enough and eventually you’ll hear something. At the end of the episode all the other spies went back to their lives. Everyone focused on Charlie making that call but Huck sat down and started listening to the radio. What did he hear? An assignment for himself? Cocaine girl? A call to shoot the President?
    At the end of this episode, everyone thought Huck had snapped but what happened in that episode was his 2 worlds finally coming together. I think before that he was fighting his past.
    5. During the previews for next week, Huck said he did what he’s “trained to do” NOT what he Loves. When he talks about his spy duties, he usually talks about the love of the job not just what he was trained to do. Also, as has been said before Huck wasn’t a sniper.

    I could probably go on for days. Happy to share my crazy theories with others who are as nuts about this show as I am.

  7. I think Hollis want Frits out of the oval office. By threatening to blackmail Olivia (who is protecting the one survivor of the bom explosion and knows to much of his interests and involvement), Huck has to kill the president and sacrifice himself for Olivia.

  8. I LOOOOVE how much methodical thought you put into this and am so happy I found this site. It’s really eating at me trying to make all the puzzle pieces fit – at least the pieces we have for at least the next four weeks until the next episode. So, I am re-watching old episodes and currently on “Spies like Us” when all of the ex-CIA members are together at OPA. The bad guy here is Nigel Sarnoff and the episode ends with the assumption that Sarnoff doesn’t yet have the goods on B-613. Well, what if he DOES have the goods? And what do we make of the man who sent the list and check to OP and then shot himself in broad daylight? Could all of this be connected to Becky and whomever she is working for? Please share your thoughts!

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