SCANDAL Pace (S2 Thoughts): #WhoShotFitz Conspiracy Theories

scandal_who_shot_fitzDecember 6, 2012 — With all the speculation running rampant about #WhoShotFitz, I decided to post ALL of my theories before tonight’s episode aired! Keep in mind that these are just MY thoughts on the possible suspects and their motives. Agree or disagree?…sound off in the comments below!




I have several theories on WhoShotFitz and considering the amazing complexities of this show I think they’re all plausible so I’m putting it all out there!

Besides the theories, a couple of questions I have been tossing around are:

1.       Was the intention to actually kill the President or was it meant to be just an ATTEMPT to prove a point or warn someone?

2.       Was the President the intended target? Maybe someone wanted to warn Fitz and had intended for the shooter to take someone else out.

3.       Did the shooter have their own vendetta for killing Fitz and possibly changed the original plan on their own?

Theory #1 – Suspect Hollis Doyle, featured in TV After Dark’s Scandal Round Table: ‘Rounding Up the Suspects – Who Shot Fitz Revealed’ (Click here to read other GLADIATOR theories)

I have a couple of possible theories, but I have to stick with my gut and go with Hollis as my primary suspect even though it may appear to be the obvious choice after he threatened Cyrus.

As far as motives, things I noticed go all the way back to episode 202, “The Other Woman”.  Hollis had a brief conversation with Cyrus in the hallway after they discovered the photo from East Sudan was a fake. Hollis made two comments to Cyrus in this scene that raised red flags for me: “You have a soul? I thought you sold that to me years ago?” and in regards to the tampered photo “Ride that photo all the way to four more years.” The CIA director planted the fake photo, but I’m unsure what his motive would be, how/why he would be involved with Hollis or how the CIA would benefit from Fitz pulling the trigger on the war.  However, Hollis’s oil company, Doyle Energy, would benefit financially from a war in East Sudan, especially if he gets his pipeline through the country. In addition, the assassination of the President would also help distract the press and media from the voter fraud, should it leak and the American people will be sympathetic to the fact that the president was shot.

I also think the former CIA director had motive to be involved in assassination simply because Fitz forced his resignation, and if that’s the case then that just adds to my theory that Charlie is the actual shooter.

The ONLY conspicuous puzzle piece regarding Mellie’s involvement is that she seemed eager for Fitz to make the decision to go to war with East Sudan, which is also what Hollis wants, but I still don’t think she was involved with the assassination itself.

I can’t really come to any other conclusions that point to the other characters because I don’t see what they could possibly gain in killing the President or staging an attempted assassination. I just don’t think this act is within their “MO” to achieve their “end game”.

Theory #2

My first back-up theory is looking at the first person who immediately has something to gain if the sitting president dies – THE VICE PRESIDENT! Even if Fitz doesn’t die, which I don’t think he will, she is going to have to be sworn in temporarily, which will give her the advantage to be the party’s leading nominee for the next election whether or not Fitz decides to run for re-election. Fitz is going to be under anesthesia, and it will be a long recovery for him. There is no question that Sally Langston will HAVE to assume the role during this time. Which brings me to my next point – IS BILLY DEAD? I know we all assume so, but I haven’t seen a body and this is a Shonda Rhimes show we are talking about here!! I’m just saying!

Theory #3

My second back-up theory is that Governor Reston, who lost the election to Fitz due to voter fraud (Episode 205, All Roads Lead to Fitz), could be involved in the shooting.  Obviously he has been obsessed with losing in the two years since the election – so much so that he was willing to let his wife take the fall for murder in order to make a comeback.

Theory #4

My third back-up theory is that the person behind the shooting is someone we haven’t met yet, have no knowledge of and has no ties to anything that has happened thus far this season – thus taking us into another story arch.


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