SCANDAL Pace (S2 Spoilers): TV Line’s Matt Mitovich gives GLADIATORS 12 hints from Season 2 Premiere

September 6, 2012 — TVLine’s Matt Mitovich shares 12 hints on ABC’s SCANDAL sophomore season opener.


Here, quickly, are 12 not-at-all-spoilery observations about what’s new with Olivia and her gladiators.

* I can’t even go near the opening scene. So damn spoilery. Sorry. Moving on…

* With Bellamy Young’s promotion to series regular status apparently came, as Bubba might put it, an even bigger set of brass for First Lady Mellie. Holy….

* Someone is behind bars as the hour opens.

* You will learn Quinn Perkins’ real name (as well as a less-than-affectionate nickname).

* I believe we get to the 9-minute mark before people stop talking. Love the rat-a-tat dialogue.

* In their latest clash — one that, Olivia is warned, “could end you” — David Rosen goes after Pope & Associates no holds barred. Welcome to series regular status, Josh Malina!

* Earmuffs, Obama! Olivia at one point notes that the U.S. economy “is in a free-fall.” Eep.

* Yes, President Grant dodged the Amanda Tanner mess — at great cost. But since then, he has seen his approval rating dinged by another PR blunder. That leaves him tempted to pull the trigger on an iffy political move that could regain him some glory. Guy could really use some special counsel about now….

* OK, OK, OK…. You want to know if any POPUS (Olivia Pope + POTUS) goodness is coming. Well… did you read our Fall TV Preview nugget? ‘Tis accurate. That said: Gleaning that Cyrus has spoken with Olivia makes Fitz literally stop. in. his. tracks. Which has to count for something.

* Someone has the audacity to fire Olivia Pope aka She Who Gets Things Handled.

* Jimmy Kimmel cameo!

* Regardless of where you live, did you hear someone off in the distance shout, “Whoa!” at or around 3 pm EST? That was me, as the very final scene played out. Yep, Scandal is looking as twisty and juicy as ever.</blockquote>

Click here for complete article.

ABC’s Scandal returns Thursday, September 27th at 10/9c! Be sure to check your local listings.


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